Meet Bazinga!

4 11 2010
Baz for short

Bazinga - 2.5 days old

Hello world, meet Bazinga.

Bazinga, meet the world.

Bazinga (or Baz for short), is my new sourdough starter.  It turns out that people name these yeasty, bubbly jars of flour and water, and I wanted to make sure I picked a suitable name for what will hopefully be my faithful bread companion for the next little while.  Who better to turn to than good ol’ Sheldon Cooper?

I’ve decided a starter is like a pet.  More specifically, a fish:

  • Environment
    • Both Baz and fish like warm environments.  Too hot, and they die, too cold and they slow way down (do fish get hypothermic?)
  • Feedings
    • Baz needs to be fed every 12 hours
    • I’ve never owned a fish, but I assume you need to feed them on a regular basis too
  • Odour
    • Fish smell fishy. Ew.
    • Baz smells sour and yeasty. Ew.
  • Entertainment value
    • A fish swims around its fishbowl for hours.  Exciting for the first 5 minutes, but not so much after that.
    • Baz develops bubbles and doubles in size every 12 hours.  Exiting the first day, but not so much after that.
  • Final product
    • Mmmm, steamed, fried, baked, raw.  Fish taste good.
    • Mmmm, freshly baked bread.  Need I say more

Baz - 3 days old and bubbling away



My latest baking interests revolve around bread, so what better way to get started than with a sourdough?  I did some research online, and found a great resource over at Wild Yeast.  This is step 1 of my bread journey, and I’ve been faithfully feeding the starter every 12 hours for the last 4 days.  Look at how bubbly he gets in just half a day!

The plan is to bake some fresh sourdough this weekend, so fingers crossed for the bread that Baz makes me!



3 responses

4 11 2010

Haha Baz IS kind of scary!

8 11 2010

Followup on the bread?

8 11 2010

That’s coming up, don’t you worry. :(

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